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Harmony  Boudoir Photography  is  asked so many different questions, by email and telephone. We are always happy to answer them all.

Phone consultations for boudoir photography sessions are the best so we can go over as many details as possible.

 Q: Where do you shoot Los Angeles boudoir photography sessions?

A: Boudoir photography sessions

Harmony Boudoir Photography photo sessions are done at my holly wood hills studio location, or if your prefer your home or on location.

 Q.Does Harmony Boudoir Photography provide lingerie for my boudoir photography session?

No we do not provide lingerie for hygienic reasons, but we do provide hats, boas and other props for our clients.

Q. Does Harmony Boudoir Photography travel outside of Los Angeles for boudoir photography sessions?

A. Yes, I do travel outside of Los Angeles for boudoir photography sessions, there would be a travel fee depending on the destination you would like to do your boudoir photography session.

Q: How will I know how to pose for my boudoir photography session?

A: We will help you pose through the whole shoot. We also have a pose guide that you can practice before the day of shoot upon request.We are here to help you through every step of your photography session. Posing is different for every body shape and you will be guided for all you best angels and features that show your best features and body shape catered to your unique frame.

Q: How much does the boudoir photography session  pricing cost?

A: The Boudoir Photo session in Los Angeles is a lifetime experience and an investment, one that will

Change your life. Feeling beautiful , sexy and capturing your goddess through photography  is priceless.

We offer boudoir photo bridal and pin up packages to suite everyone’s  needs they start at $295.00 and goes up from there.

Underwater boudoir shoot are an additional $150.00

Q: How far in advance should I book boudoir LA  boudoir photography session?

A: Boudoir Photography photo session usually you should book one to two weeks  in advance, weekends book sooner than week days – so if you are interested in a date soon or for a particular deadline like a wedding gift or engagement gift please book your boudoir photography photo session in advance.


Q: Do you provide make-up and hair for the boudoir photography session?

A: Yes we do provide hair and make up at your request at the time when booking your boudoir photo session, we have great artiste ready to bring out your beauty for your boudoir photography session, the fee for hair and make-up depend on how many looks you will be doing for your boudoir photography session.


Q: Do you do photography  retouching on my boudoir photography images?


At Harmony Boudoir we do  provide custom retouching for the boudoir photo images of your choice.


 Boudoir Photography Los Angeles Pin Up Bridal Boudoir 

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Los Angeles Boudoir photography, pin up photos and bridal boudoir photography by Harmony Boudoir Photography of Los Angeles, California   is a professional boudoir, pin up and bridal boudoir photo portrait  photographers company. We specialize in boudoir portrait photography. Our boudoir  photographers strive to give a classic pin up and bridal  boudoir look with every photography session. It is our boudoir portrait photography that gives a woman a unique boudoir look into their most feminine side with our professional boudoir photography portraits. Capturing their  inner boudoir pin-up girl in every boudoir portrait photography session with our boudoir photography photographers at Harmony Boudoir serving all of Los Angeles for Boudoir photography sessions.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography , pin up and bridal boudoir is becoming the latest news:

Boudoir photography, along with bridal boudoir and pin up photos are spreading across los Angeles county and beyond, with so many different styles of boudoir from classic pin up style of Boudoir Photography to a more modern style of Boudoir Photography.

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles Black and white pin up Bridal photography

Los Angeles boudoir photography varies in photo styles, the modern bridal boudoir  below has a sexy pin up style with a modern bridal photo edge.This Boudoir photo was photographed in Los Angeles at harmony boudoir photography studio.

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles Pin Up Bridal Boudoir

Plus Size Boudoir Photography Los Angeles

Plus Size Bridal Boudoir Photography

 Plus Size Boudoir Photography Los Angeles, Harmony Boudoir Photography caters to all different shapes ,sizes and colors of every woman.No matter your size, your beautiful!!