BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY LOS ANGELES SUMMER SESSIONS,The beauty of doing boudoir photography sessions in Los Angeles, boudoir photographers have plenty of options.I love doing boudoir photography sessions outdoors.There is nothing like summer session in Los Angeles.Harmony Boudoir Photography does indoor and outdoor locations.Why not do your boudoir session outside?


Boudoir photography Summer options in Los Angeles:


1 Speak to your photographer about different locations where you can photograph your boudoir session.

2.Don’t feel you have to be confined to indoors with your boudoir session, let go and let out your gorgeous boudoir goddess!

The boudoir session is all about you and the best possible creativity for your shoot, once in a life time Boudoir ! Create some boudoir summer the magic for yourself!

3.Boudoir freedom, this is Los Angeles with so many movie stars, celebs and ongoing photography shoots, honestly you can be the celebrity for the day.

4. Locations, so many to pick from!!! Downtown, Beaches, mountains, it’s amazing, we have it all in Los Angeles!

5.Harmony Boudoir  Photography does indoor and outdoor studio boudoir photography sessions,located in the Hollywood Hills we have plenty of options.

6.Boudoir creativity for summer, ask yourself who is my inner goddess, angel or vixen this summer?

For more information on booking your outdoor Boudoir Photography summer session email or call us, complimentary consultations.






Boudoir Photography: Underwater Photography

underwater photography

Boudoir Photography: Underwater Photography

Mermaids are real! And guess what? They love underwater photography.  Haven’t you always wanted see one? Or maybe even be one? Underwater boudoir photography is the key to your innermost desire (but you don’t have to wear a fishtail). You can defy gravity, drift in silence and embrace your sensuality. You can’t do that kind of stuff on solid ground. Sound tempting? If so, then welcome to the realm of underwater photography.
Underwater Boudoir Photography
Mermaids are one of mythology’s most captivating creatures. They are the sex symbols of the sea, provoking both curiosity and desire. Combine this idea with an extraordinary boudoir photographer and you’re fantasy has manifested into a tantalizing underwater boudoir photography experience.
“But how can I become a boudoir bombshell below sea level?” you ask. Simple. Start stripping!

First, get inspired for your pseudo-mermaid boudoir photo session by checking out our underwater boudoir photography page. As you view each underwater boudoir photo, think about what you would feel like in that pose. How would you feel if that were you? Would you wish to change anything? If you answered “yes”, than your imagination is working and you’re ready to make this underwater phoography expereince your own.

Next, think about what you would wear. It could be free flowing or form fitting. Whatever it is, just make it you. Take a peek at our underwater photography board on Pinterest for some more inspiration. There a lot of fun stuff there!

Finally, imagine the peace of mind you will expereince. This video says it all: tranquillity, harmony relaxation and serenity. Underwater photography is mind blowing, really.

Remember, you aren’t in this alone. Star will walk you through every step. It may be hard to believe, but once you begin your underwater boudoir photography session, you may very well take the reigns. Magic starts when we identify with our sexuality. When we feel sexy we are sexy.

Have you ever been the subject of an underwater boudoir photography shoot? Let us know! Come visit us on facebook and share your expereince, ask your questions and become a part of our boudoir photography community!



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Boudoir Photography: Beach Bound

beach bound

Boudoir Photography: Beach Bound

Today is a beach day. Did you go? If you did, I’m sure you saw a bunch of swimsuit styles that you didn’t see last year – and that’s a good thing! If you didn’t go to the beach, hopefully not having something cute to wear wasn’t holding you back. No worries, after reading this post, you’ll be beach bound in your boudoir best.

One thing that stops so many of us from hitting the sand with total confidence, is fear of rocking a swimsuit, but trust me, there’s one out there for everyone!
Even if you haven’t hit the beach, you must have seen all the body friendly styles that have returned in magazines, or boudoir photography boards on Pinterest For one, there’s the 1950’s pinup look: high wast bottoms and halter tops which are very body friendly like these

Hips and Curves has a fantastic selection of plus-size swimwear for us curvy girls! Keep in mind, the definition of “plus-size” means larger than average – and most of us are. Swimwear runs much smaller than regular clothing since it hugs our form. So it makes sense that women with larger busts and wider hips would try on a larger that average swimsuit.

Floral Print Shirred Halter Tankini

Still feeling a little shy? Not to fear! No matter what your size, participating in a beach bound boudoir photography shoot will really boost your confidence. You can trust me on that one. There’s something about combining women, sand, sun and water that bring out our inner goddess without hesitation. Remember, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty!

Your body. Your beach. Your boudoir photography expereince. Star has got you covered.

As with all of our posts, the ongoing theme for our blog is body appreciation. We strive to encourage women to embrace themselves and find their sexy. So have you found your sexy? Let us know! Check us out on Facebook and tell us how you did it! Share photos of your beach bound best at every size!

Bridal Boudoir Ideas Un ”Veil” Your Perfect Bridal Boudoir Look

Un ”Veil” Your Perfect Bridal Boudoir Look

bridal boudoir ideas

Whether you’re a modern bride or love the glamour of disguise; an important accessory is your veil for your bridal boudoir. You could be a hidden princess, a mysterious diva or a traditional bride hiding behind a curtain. Why not skip the ordinary and look extraordinary with our incredible selection of bridal veils and accessories.
Bridal boudoir can be captured in so many ways during your photography session, here are some great ideas for your veil looks with some links for you to shop and  prepare you for your next bridal boudoir photography session.

to shop for the Soft Tulle Veil click on link below:

Soft Tulle Large Veil

bridal boudoirThis Soft Tulle veil can be glamourous!

to shop for the Tulle Bridal veil click on the link below:

Tulle Bridal Veil

faa_Tulle-Bridal-Veil_WhiteThe tulle veil gives you sexy and fun all wrapped in one!

You can wear a corset and a veil for a bridal boudoir session…

to shop for the Black Bridal Veil click on the link below:

Black Bridal Veil

Black Bridal boudoir veil

The Black Bridal Veil is for the vixen bridal boudoir, sexy, alluring bride…maybe a little bit naughty bride…

Bridal boudoir ideas using a veil for your boudoir photography look, here are some of our favorite veils to use for bridal boudoir photography sessions.

Hips and Curves is a great place for your boudoir wardrobe needs.

Every Bride deserves a veil, which one are you?

Boudoir Photography, Empower Women, a must watch to see the transformation!

Boudoir photography,  Empower women!

Boudoir Photography, by Harmony Boudoir Photography  worked along side media divias to empower a young woman named Sam.The team included,  Marne Semick CEO~,  Remy Haynes




Must watch! – Military girl goes Hollywood and gets glam with boudoir photography. See “Sam’s” amazing transformation.
Online Media Diva empowers women to be the best version of themselves, along with Remy Hayes, Star Gaw Sargenti.

Boudoir Photography before the session

Boudoir photography can be used as a self empowerment tool, feeling and looking your best self!

Boudoir Photography

This transformation behind the scenes video gives you the behind the scenes look at real life changes that can occur, a peek into another women’s life and all the challenges she can face.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography, Empower Women!

“Sam” experienced some hazing in a military organization by men so had to completely remove her female identity to survive. Watch as she realizes that to be an empowered person means embracing all aspects of oneself. Please like, comment and share.

Please learn more about our organization by going to our website or facebook page.…

Photography by Star:…

Boudoir Pinup Photography: 3 Ideas On What to Wear

So now you’ve decided to take the plunge into the boudoir pin up photography unknown..
You couldn’t have made a better decision. This is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had! You’ll be the center of attention and you’re going to love it! Promise. Now tell me, what are you going to wear Ms. Boudoir Bombshell? Don’t know? No worries, that’s why I’m here. I’m your boudoir photo fairy godmother, and no, I don’t do pumpkins. I do however, believe that when you feel confident in what you’re wearing it shows and I  know that when you’re on camera it’s amplified by the tens.
This is your chance to have fun. It’s time to release your inner boudoir goddess. We are by nature,sensual beings; this boudoir photo session will capture what you cannot see yourself – I swear.
Keep in mind that a boudoir pin up photographer won’t force you to wear anything you’re uncomfortable in. Discomfort echoes in pin up photographs. A boudoir photographer is there to provide guidance and encouragement throughout your entire experience. They’re there to remind you that  boudoir  photography is about you. This is your show, remember goddess? So think outside of your norm. What colors make you smile? What textures give you tingles? Is there a specific part of your body that you love most? These are some things to consider when dolling yourself up for a boudoir photo shoot. Allow me to provide some inspiration.
Boudoir Pinup Photograhy ideas what to wear black lace is sexy

Boudoir Pinup Photograhy ideas what to wear black lace is sexy

Black lace is dynamite for boudoir pin up photography.

It directs the eyes, entices the mind, and emanates power. Bottom line, it screams pin up boudoir. Pair it up with some black patent leather stilettos and you’ve got yourself a million dollar boudoir pinup photo. You’ll definitely be boss.

If black is too bold for you, that’s ok. Perhaps you’d like to conquer the lens in something subtle like a pink corset.

boudoir pin up photography ideas what to wear  pink corset

Boudoir Pinup Photography ideas what to wear pink corset

What better way to whisper innocence in a boudoir photograph while wearing next to nothing at all?

Maybe you’d like to command confidence in contrast. A piece like this will fix a gaze quick. The thigh highs and garter are super playful, giving you that boudoir sophistication and tease.

boudoir  pin up photography ideas what to wear thigh highs

boudoir pin up photography ideas what to wear thigh highs

Hopefully these boudoir pin up photography 3 ideas provide inspiration for your session. It’s important to remember that whatever you do, have fun with pin up! Selecting your number shouldn’t be a chore. Be bold with boudoir photography sessions,and most importantly – love every minute of it!

Boudoir Pinup Photograhy: 3 Ideas On What to Wear

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Boudoir Photography: My Fears.


Boudoir Photography: My Fears.


Boudoir Photography, there’s nothing sexier. We’re constantly challenged visually by boudoir photographers’ flawless images of sex pots and pinup photo playfulness all over billboards and the internet. We love boudoir. It’s seeing sexy, feeling sexy and being sexy. Our society thrives on it, and whether we realize it or not, boudoir photographers define the meaning of it for us. We either dream of being – or being with – the subject of boudoir imagery. Bottom line: boudoir photography is the hottest, most sought after human art form, and it’s right in front of us all the time.

Now close your eyes, for just one second, and imagine that you are the only one responsible for defining sexy for yourself…

Were you a pinup girl? What did it look like?
If you thought about someone other than yourself, then you should repeat that step again. Now try to imagine your own boudoir photography photo shoot. Sexy is what you make it, and although you may not believe it, it’s inevitable: it’s you. If you’re still not convinced that you are what sexy means, then perhaps you need to take a step out of the skin you think you’re in and let’s someone else re-dress you as a boudoir pinup bombshell. Sounds crazy I’m sure but believe me, it will be the best move you could ever make.

Being the subject of a boudoir photography session will literally change your life forever. It’s the sexiest experience alive and I’m dying to share mine with you.

It all started with a retro pinup obsession: the hair, make-up and the way the colors pop – along with the attitude of boudoir – just fabulous. Who doesn’t love a red lipstick? What about some vintage pinup lingerie? Pinup photo perfect, right?! I had to have it and feel what it was like to wear it. I needed to see myself as a pinup girl in a sexy boudoir photograph and I wanted to love what I saw. So to fuel my fascination (and after much research), I phoned Harmony Boudoir Photography, a studio I’d found online (via Yelp nonetheless). I was breathless. This was seriously some of the best boudoir photography I’d ever seen, just beautiful. Every woman was radiating confidence and I couldn’t wait to be in front of a boudoir photographer myself. The phone began to ring as I continued to click through their online portfolio and I choked – boudoir poses seemed far out. The fear hit me: there was no way I could be the subject of a boudoir photograph. Several thoughts instantly flooded my under confident mind: I’m not that flexible, my collar bone isn’t that prominent and I can’t follow through with this boudoir photgraphy idea.. and in the midst of my spin out a calming voice answered: “Hello this is Star”.

Enter Boudoir photography stage left.


Next thig you know it’s two weeks later and I’m at a boudoir photography studio. I was sitting in a chair sipping a cup of coffee with the Cure on blast, getting my makeup and hair curled to pinup photography perfection and sharing endless laughs with two amazing women I didn’t know the day before. What I did know however, was that within the hour, I’d have 80% of my body exposed in front of a camera posted in those sexpot boudoir photography poses I feared being in. What’s even more remarkable is that I wasn’t scared, at all. I swear. Every fear of any boudoir pose or pinup posture left my mind. They’d reassured me that I would see myself as I truly was. As I squeezed into my merrywidow, snapped my garters and took a look at myself in the mirror, I knew they were right.

Lillian’s make up application was flawless. She knew how to create the perfect pinup look. Her skills are no joke- seriously. Thanks to her, I was ultimately prepared for my very first pinup boudoir photography session, without fear, hesitation or regret.

“Close your eyes, for one second, and imagine a cloud. Now become that cloud”…

That’s what Star the boudoir photographer told me to do. I was outside in the Hollywood Hills on her patio in broad day light in nothing but a merrywidow, pantyhose and heels with a flower in my hair. Being a cloud was exactly what I felt like – perfect, light and free. The thing about it was, none of it was staged. We literally sat there for what seemed like a wrinkle in time, discussing how beautiful the view from her boudoir photography studio was, and how her passion for boudoir photography was to inspire and encourage woman to see the beauty in themselves. “My eyes are your mirror”, she said, “This is how I see you”. I wasn’t aware of the camera. She precisely captured my expression throughout our entire conversation. Lillian came around in intervals to fix my hair and adjust my outfit and within a nano-second our boudoir photo guru caught me again! Honestly, it was the most natural experience. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but there in that moment and I loved myself completely. I know it’s because of the synergy I’d felt between myself, Lillian and Star. Their ability to engage me in the process of discovering my beauty in the form of boudoir photography was in and of itself the most profound awakening I’ve ever had.

I’d love to go into detail about the boudoir poses and what the session entailed but I’ll save that for my next post. If this article has done anything for you at all, hopefully it’s encouraged you to reset your self-image. It’s your turn to define sexy. I cordially invite you to become the smoking hot subject of a boudoir photography shoot, with Harmony Boudoir Photography. You’ll never see yourself in your old skin again. Promise.



Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles

Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles


Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles


Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles, Today was so hot in more ways the one with our boudoir photography session!

I never photography blog for my boudoir blog, always busy shooting, with a wedding company and  harmony boudoir photography company, keeps me so busy with my beautiful clients,honestly that my excuse, I love imagery,but I am really trying to make an effort starting now, as I love to read blogs and books.

Los Angeles boudoir photography session with Nicole in my Hollywood Hills out door shooting studio was amazingly hot.I think it was 93 degrees in Los Angeles paradise.

She dressed as a bride to be, for our bridal boudoir session, which she is and this is a wedding gift to her fiance’, he will be pleasantly surprised.Always a beautiful gift for your future husband.Maybe men should do more boudoir, if so I would have my husband photograph them. : ) Big Smile!

I feel this Boudoir photography session in the heat of Los Angeles  we captured her Bridget Bardot look,  I love the raw edgy look, more of an 70’s feel.I love the high contrast and punchy black and white, with sepia.Everything was photographed in color then changed to BW in post production.

Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles

Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles

Boudoir photography in the heat of Los Angeles