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About Star the Harmony Boudoir Founder & Photographer


Boudoir photography studio in Los Angeles by Harmony Boudoir Photography, we are an all female boudoir photography team. Star is the founder Harmony Boudoir Photography also Harmony Wedding Photography l.l.c. and Harmony Affluence’ , both of which she loves and breathes photography. She started Harmony Boudoir  Photography for her wedding and fashion clients.The inspiration for Star is for all women to have the experience of loving themselves and investing in a keep sake for life.

Star believes every woman is powerful, beautiful and deserves to be captured through photography in such a way that is unique to her own spirit ,body mind and soul.No matter the shape, size race or color, your beautiful and unique unlike any other!

We also does couples boudoir photography and intimate pin up boudoir photos to capture the beauty, love and intimacy that couples share in there experience of union.If you would like to set up a consultation and get prepped for a life time experience please feel free to call or email Star or her assistant Adriana  for your boudoir photography session.



Our boudoir photography studio is a  here to assist you  in any way that you may need for your boudoir photography session.

For your boudoir photography session we  can provide hair and make-up, styling, retouch, calendars, books and fun!


Boudoir photography studio  is nestled in the Hollywood Hills.With a full shooting studio, boudoir photography locations, and boudoir photography portraits.Our boudoir photography studio also has a private make up room and boudoir studio styling and change room for all of our clienteles needs.







Harmony Boudoir Photography

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Boudoir photography by Harmony Boudoir Photography of Los Angeles, California   is a professional boudoir portrait photography photographers company. We specialize in boudoir portrait photography. Our boudoir portrait photography photographers strive to give a classic pin up boudoir look. It is our boudoir portrait photography that gives a woman a unique boudoir look into their most feminine side with our professional boudoir photography portraits. Capturing their  inner boudoir pin-up girl in every boudoir portrait photography session with our boudoir photography photographers at Harmony Boudoir serving all of Los Angeles for Boudoir photography sessions.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography is becoming the latest news:

Boudoir photography is spreading across Los Angeles county and beyond, with so many different styles of boudoir from classic pin up style of Boudoir Photography to a more modern style of Boudoir Photography.

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles Black and white pin up Bridal photography

Boudoir Photography Los Angeles Black and white pin up Bridal photography

Los Angeles boudoir photography varies in photo styles, the modern bridal boudoir  below has a sexy pin up style with a modern bridal photo edge.Thsi Boudoir photo was photographed in Los Angeles at harmony boudoir photography studio.

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography , Bridal Boudoir Photography